Why Apply?

As a GTChannel partner your channel is instantly brought to the highest level of YouTube's partner program. This makes your videos eligible for premium ads sold by both YouTube and GTChannel's sales team to drive higher revenues and opportunities for your channel.

Our GREEN FLAG promotions are presented to only our partners. These promotions are direct ad buys or revenue opportunities from big brands that are looking for your audience. We find these and bring them to our partners to join in on exclusive deals that insure expanding revenues.

GTChannel is focused on expanding revenue generation both on YouTube, and across the digital supply chain by partnering with distribution across all outlets -- connected TV's, mobile, game consoles, television/cable, and other online outlets.

Our focus is to drive opportunities for our partners through any and all means.

By joining the GTChannel Network, your channel becomes part of the fastest growing automotive community on YouTube. We use the power of the network as a discovery tool for your channel and videos – our audience is enormous and growing and many just need to find you. In addition, our reach to new audiences on social platforms, auto blogs, and other outlets is constantly growing – that reach drives your growth.

GTChannel is an exclusive certified YouTube partner. Our team has been trained directly by YouTube with all the tools and expertise to help our partners gain audience and subscribers. It is our job to share and educate are partners with that information. It is your job to put it into play and reap the rewards.

We are a community. GTChannel began as most of our partner have –auto enthusiasts looking to produce and share amazing videos. We understand your concerns and needs, and what you must have from a network. In fact, that is why we started GTChannel Network. We took another network for a test drive – and it crashed and burned. It was then we realized WE need a network that understands US, and the automotive audience and industry.

Unlike other networks, we are obsessed with customer service. We assign a crew chief to every partner. It is there job to access your channels and provide deep information to help you grow and succeed. In addition, and as a community, we provide invaluable tools, education, tricks, and suggestions to help ALL our partners. We have dedicated a lot of resources to make sure you are always ahead of the curve in managing your channels.

Our support is as a partner. Our job is to help you succeed. If you lack the passion and effort to push ahead, you’ve come to the wrong network. We can’t do the work for you and things don’t happen overnight. But if you work as hard as we do to help your channel succeed – your channel will grow.

Our Content Channels and Brand Partners
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GTChannel Brand and Corporate Partners Include
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